The past few years have not been kind to any business, and law firms have, by and large, been no exception to the rule. A bad economy does not alleviate the need for attorneys, but it does mean that many people are more reluctant to spend what little money they have on legal services. It's hardly breaking news that finding new clients has gotten harder, but the question is what are you doing about it? How have you redoubled your marketing efforts? It's not uncommon for law firm clients to tell me that they have no idea where to start with marketing.

Without further ado, there are many routes you could take to try to drum up more clients for your legal practice. However, using seo for your law firm could be the absolute best way to find new clients. SEO is not the only way to market a law firm, and although it's one of the best ways, there are certainly situations where other forms of marketing may work better. I think you'll agree, based on the following reasons, that search engine optimization can really help any law firm:

1. Inbound Marketing: In the marketing industry, there is a common distinction between inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is the more common and well-known type of marketing. When you go out networking, or when you email a contact that you think might be interest in your product or service, you are engaging in outbound marketing. Conversely, when you set up something that anyone could potentially see if they are in the right place at the right time, you are engaging more in inbound marketing. Don't get too caught up on whether something is inbound or outbound. It's the general distinction that is important. Law firms have traditionally stuck to outbound marketing, preferring to reach out to people who they think might need their services (ambulance-chasers are a good example). Instead of focusing on a small number of potential customers, search engine optimization can bring a huge number of potential clients to your website.

2. Cost: This may be the most important reason. You simply don't want to spend your hard-earned money. It used to be cheap to advertise in the local paper or online, but those days are long gone. Advertising online is a good and attractive option, but I would argue that the money is better spent on a long-term SEO solution for your law firm. The rankings and traffic that result from good SEO can last for a very long time and can continue to benefit your law firm down the road.

3. Competition: In today's market, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate your legal services from those provided by the attorney or lawyer down the street. Consequently, it's prudent to take a different approach to marketing than the guy or gal down the street. Let me reassure you. Although there are attorneys who are ahead of the curve and already use SEO, the number is still small.

Working at a law firm or by yourself as a solo practitioner, either way, can be daunting and stressful. However, finding clients doesn't need to be the most difficult part of your legal practice. Given the sheer number of daily searches, it's no wonder that more businesses and firms are now tapping into that stream of potential customers. 

If you want to get started, it probably makes sense to seek the help of a professional, although many SEO tactics can be tackled yourself if you have the time.
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